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NDS 175W "Aero" Solar Panel

Code: NDS 175W "Aero"
£349.98 inc. VAT

SOLENERGY's motorhome solar panels effortlessly merge cutting-edge photovoltaic technology with simple installation. Specifically designed for motorhomes, the integrated mounting brackets ensure an optimal distance from the surface, enhancing cell ventilation and aerodynamics with rounded corners. Crafted from high-purity silicon cells coated in Tedlar foil and textured tempered glass, these monocrystalline panels achieve an 18.05% efficiency. Special by-pass diodes safeguard against overvoltages, allowing continuous operation despite shading or accidental breakage. Meeting rigorous standards like IEC61215 and ISO9001/ISO14000 certifications, SOLENERGY's 12v solar panels demonstrate resilience in diverse environmental conditions.



SOLENERGY solar panels for motorhomes seamlessly blend advanced photovoltaic construction technology with a user-friendly installation process. The panels' built-in mounting brackets, designed for motorhomes, guarantee an optimal distance from the mounting surface. This not only ensures essential cell ventilation but also enhances aerodynamics with rounded corners. The continuous ventilation of cells prevents any performance degradation, even in high operating temperatures.

Constructed with high-purity silicon cells coated in Tedlar foil and textured tempered glass, these monocrystalline panels are enclosed between two layers of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). The coating components are meticulously engineered for maximum transmittance and transparency. Additionally, the panels boast low iron content and an anti-reflective coating, contributing to an impressive efficiency rating of 18.05%.

A noteworthy feature is the incorporation of special by-pass diodes, providing protection against overvoltages. This design ensures the solar panel remains operational in the presence of shading or accidental cell breakage. SOLENERGY's 12v solar panels not only meet but surpass the most stringent quality and safety standards, holding certifications such as IEC61215, IEC61730, and ISO9001/ISO14000. This attests to their resilience in the face of challenging environmental and pollution conditions.

Specification Value
Number OF Cells 36
Nominal Voltage 12v
Max Power 175WP±3%
Size (mm) 1625x676x60
Weight 14,5 Kg
Open Circuit Voltage 23,67V
Short Circuit Current 9,58A
Max power Voltage 19,56V
Max power Current 8,95A
Length 6m Cable 2x4mm²
Warranty 2 Years
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