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Oyster V 85cm Fully Automatic Satellite System

Code: 1998500
£2,250.00 inc. VAT

The very latest Oyster satellite system, the Oyster V, has outstanding new features such as GPS & Compass built in for super fast search times, ultra light weight magnesium dish arm, weighs only 11kg & can be updated and controlled via app



Oyster V, the new revolutionary satellite system is here and offers a whole host of new features. Gone are the days of long search times, the Oyster V comes built with GPS, 3D Compass and inclination sensor meaning the Oyster V knows exactly where to look wherever you are and within seconds locks onto the chosen satellite.

The Oyster V has an 85cm meaning we can recieve our UK channels on the Astra 2 satellite in Europe. Looking at the footprint to the right you you will see two footprints. The Red foorprint is the FTA (Free To air) channels footprint. The second larger yellow footprint is if you are a Sky subscriber and subscribe to the likes of Movies, Sports, Documentaries then you will be able to recieve those channels within the yellow radius. If you wish to be able to pick up UK TV in Spain then please give us a call to discuss your options.

Oyster footprint for an 85cm autoskew satellite system

What if the Oyster V needs an update? This is common question asked when people are deciding on satellite as changes can be made to the satellite at anytime without prior warning, updates are produced quickly and usually you would take your motorhome or caravan into a dealer to get an update (usually at a cost). Well that is a thing of the past, yes you may need the ocassional update but no longer do you need to take it to a dealer. With the Oyster V you can download the Oyster App and have the update at your finger tips within minutes and load the update onto your system, which makes this particularly handy if you are touring Europe and there is a sudden technical change to the chosen satellite.

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