Satellite problem

We purchased a new Eldiss caravan and having spoken to the manufacturer they stated that a satellite system had to be fitted by an Eldiss dealer. We purchased a Sat fi system from S & G and gave it to our caravan dealer to fit. When we took delivery of the caravan the satellite didn’t work. It wasn’t wired correctly and the general fitting of everything related was, so say the least, untidy.
Contacted S & G and arranged to come to their workshop. We met George who refitted the complete system, making good the poor fitting. It looked great and we were pleased.
We left and stayed on a caravan park around 30 miles away. All was ok for a short time and then some channels were no longer available. Telephoned George on Friday evening and he agreed to come to us on Saturday afternoon. He soon found the fault, the LNB had failed. George fitted a replacement and every is fine. We have now found out that S&G has NCC accreditation and could have carried out the initial fitting.
George was…