ATD – Attention to detail

Ordered a Oister V with icecrypt box and Avtex tv at the NEC show last October. S&G kept the items until we returned from Spain in June. George and Carl did a first class job hiding all the wires. I bought a second tv and they twinned it with the first tv and took the time to configure the TVs and explained how the system worked. I’ve oyster replaced a maxview satellite that oscillated after a year and kept loosing the signal. When I compare the workmanship of S&G to the maxview installation there was no comparison. S&G are the best you will get in my opinion as a retired senior engineer. I also ordered a WiFi signal booster from S&G after they price matched including delivery. Can’t praise them highly enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting a first class installation and service. They even run the cables through trunking on the roof to blend in with the motorhome. Regards Carl Mason