Another excellent job !!

We met George & Carl at the Caravan & Motorhome Show in February, on an information gathering exercise, but after speaking to both of them at length the info session turned into a sale

We have a brand new widebeam boat, and I am more than precious about anybody doing anything to it – I need not have worried about George & Carl. They arrived on the installation day and tactfully suggested that we go shopping whilst they carried out their work – I was not allowed to watch !!

When we returned the job was done and to an excellent standard. The satellite dish was installed on the boat’s roof and looked very smart. There was no evidence inside the boat that they had been working there – no damage, no scratches, no cables. The job was extremely professionally done and we are very pleased with their work

We would be more than willing to share our experience with anybody who wants to contact us – we were that impressed with their work

Well done, George & Carl, and thank you