VB Semi Air Suspension Fully Installed

VB Semi Air Suspension Fully Installed

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VB-SemiAir base kit

The VB-SemiAir basic system is made up of 2 air springs, fasteners and 2 inflation valves.
You pressurise the VB-SemiAir basic system yourself using an external air supply, such as a tyre inflator.

The VB-SemiAir basic system is a good option for vehicles that always carry a heavy load and that occasionally carry variable loads (the pressure can stay the same more or less all of the time).

VB-SemiAir comfort kit

VB-SemiAir comfort system

The VB-SemiAir comfort system consists of a VB-SemiAir basic system including control panel with 2 pressure gauges, 2 high/low switches and a powerful, heavy duty compressor.

The high/low switch enables you to raise or lower the ride height of your vehicle so that you can inflate the air springs to the ideal pressure. The pressure gauges give an accurate reading of the pressure (in bar) in the air springs.

The VB-SemiAir comfort system is a good option for vehicles that carry variable loads. The control panel with high/low switch lets you easily adjust the VB-SemiAir system to the right pressure.

The control panel for the VB-SemiAir comfort system is available in two versions:

B / LCV – control panel fitted on the driver’s seat
C / Motorhome – control panel mounted in the dashboard of the vehicle

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