TelAir Bridge

TelAir Bridge

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The intelligent solution for connecting two or more batteries in parallel without any risk of the vehicle not starting. The Bridge allows you to channel about 50A from the leisure battery to the engine battery in just a few minutes. When the Bridge is in automatic mode whilst the leisure vehicle is on mains hook-up the current supplied will charge not only the leisure battery but also on exceeding a voltage of 13v will also automatically charge your vehicle starter battery.

Technical features BRIDGE
Power supply (from service battery) 12 Vdc (8÷ 18 Vdc)
On-panel controls OFF – AUTO – MAN
Max transit current between the 2 batteries 50A
Voltage drop to 50 A <0,1 V
Engine battery flat alarm (<12.0 V) Beep – Flash
Service battery flat alarm (<11.4 V) Beep – Flash
Automatic activation of engine-service batteries parallel connection > 13,0 V
Automatic deactivation of engine-service batteries connection < 12,5 V