SW010.1Dual – Full HD Dash Camera with GPS and 2nd Camera

SW010.1Dual – Full HD Dash Camera with GPS and 2nd Camera

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The SW010 dash camera by Silent Witness is packed full of features to give you motoring peace of mind. You can drive in the comfort of knowing that the camera continuously records crisp, full HD footage at 30fps in the event you need it. The SW010.1 dash camera also now comes with a 16GB SD card as standard so the camera will keep recording for longer before AutoLoop begins to overwrite the old footage. There’s no need to worry about important footage of a crash being overwritten however, in the event that you have a bump, the built in G-Sensor will trigger and lock the appropriate footage so the loop recording won’t accidentally overwrite that important footage.

It is often difficult to recall an incident without video evidence or in some cases can be challenging to prove your innocence, as there can be different views on the incident. These situations can be laborious and extremely stressful, but with a Silent Witness Dash Camera you can be at ease offering your Insurance company proof of evidence they may need if an accident may occur.

This weatherproof IP67 rear camera is an upgrade for the Silent Witness SW010.1 front facing camera.

The compact SW010.1C can be mounted either inside or outside the vehicle and has a wired infra red light trigger, making it very popular with taxi cab owners.

Please note: The SW010.1C must be mounted with the bracket at the top.

Full HD Recording Mode
CMOS Sensors will allow for crisp and clear video footage during both the daytime and night time, recording front video footage at 1080p at 30FPS and with the 2nd camera at 720p at 25 FPS.

2nd Camera Included
Our 2nd Camera records at HD 720p quality at 25 frames per second, in a 120-degree wide view angle. You can have IR lights on or off depending if you have it mounted inside or on the outside of the vehicle. ***Please note: The SW010.1C (2nd camera) must be mounted with the bracket at the top***

Wide Angle Viewing Mode
Wide angled camera of 140° angles allowing you to capture all vital footage.

Maximum Recording
The Silent Witness cameras provide large recording capacity, the SW010.1 can store up to a 128GB on a Class 10 Micro SD Card. The Silent Witness Cameras allow you to configure the default recording time frame.  (16GB Micro SD Card Included)

Google Mapping
The GPS Via Google Mapping will accurately assess the details of the surrounding area by providing you with the vehicle speed and the time of a collision, and the severity of the impact.

Recording Mode
Continuous recording mode is activated when you start the engine, this camera has an auto loop recording system ensuring all crucial evidence is recorded. Unused footage will be over written when the SD card is full.

G-Sensor Mode
The built in G-Sensor will automatically store the video data ten seconds prior to and after a collision registered by the 3-axis G-Sensor.

Super Night Vision
Videos recorded in environments with low lighting such as dark alleyways or underground parking lots can pose difficulties when you try to accurately make out and identify information from their images. However, not with Silent Witness.

Motion Detection
If an object passes in front of your vehicle, the camera will automatically detect and starts recording the motion. Human motion approaching the parked vehicle is detected and recorded automatically, protecting it from possible vandalism or theft.

LCD Display
With the 1.5-inch LCD display you can use the display to either watch the current view in real time, review videos of recorded events, or to change various settings.