Purple Line E-Go Plug & Play

Purple Line E-Go Plug & Play

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Introducing the revolutionary e-go PLUG & PLAY detachable remote control caravan mover. Fitting is simple, no need to cut holes for cables or lose storage space for batteries and electronics. Simply attach the crossbar and then you are free to attach your motors and portable power pack only when you need to use the mover system.

The e-go PLUG & PLAY uses two detachable motors which you only need to attach when you want to move your caravan or trailer. Once attached the power pack case, which includes a Quattro® electronics motherboard and a battery capable of powering the motor movers is plugged into the movers and you are ready to go. This means you do not need to travel with your motor movers attached, especially helpful if you have poor ground clearance.

Designed in the Purple Line’s UK innovation centre this clever system means that installation required no drilling meaning no damage or warranty issues with your caravan or trailer. Only 8kg are retained on your caravan or trailer when you are not using the motor mover. It is quick and easy to fit, so much so that most competent DIY-ers can fit it themselves and it includes a battery pack.

The e-go PLUG & PLAY uses Quattro® technology. This intelligent modular system, featuring soft-start, allows any model in the e-go range to be used on single, twin and AWD installations. The system even allows retro-fit upgrades meaning that a twin system can be upgraded to All Wheel Drive at any time. This clever technology gives you ultimate flexibility, future proofing your purchase.

e-go PLUG & PLAY… Think inside the box

Product EGO300
Operating Voltage 12V DC
Avg Current Consumption 19 Amps
Max Current Consumption 84 Amps
Weight (2 Motor) 24kg
Speed 12cm per second
Safe Working Load (SWL) 2250kg (2 Motor)
3500kg (4 Motor)
Min Width (Caravan/Trailer) 1800mm
Max Width (Caravan/Trailer) 2500mm
Power Source (Leisure Battery) 12V (22Ah/20HR)
Engagement Method Lever
Dual Wheel Engagement N/A
Warranty 5 Years Parts


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