Infinity 100Ah/150A Lithium Leisure Battery

Infinity 100Ah/150A Lithium Leisure Battery

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The Infinity 100Ah/150A lithium battery from Poweroad is a high-quality battery with various features that make it one of the finest for motorhomes, campers, and caravans.
The Infinity’s ability to discharge at a continuous 150 amps is perhaps its most impressive feature.
If you’re using an inverter to power high-powered appliances like an induction hob, coffee machine, or microwave oven.

Another beneficial feature for those who need to store their vehicles for a few months is the on/off switch on the top of the battery.
There’s also a great app for Android and iPhones that allows you to check the performance of your battery from your phone.

Key Features

  • The battery status can be monitored via the Poweroad app. (When 2 or more batteries are used in parallel, the app can only connect to one battery at a time.)
  • 150A high output current for driving high-power devices.
  • Detachable cover and replaceable BMS design.
  • Sleep mode for reducing energy consumption and prolonging the battery’s life.
  • Can easily be turned off if the battery is not going to be used for a period of time.
  • Dual terminal design for easier installation and better heat dissipation.

Important note re Infinity batteries being connected in parallel:

Up to 4 Infinity batteries can be connected in parallel. When connected in this way, to ensure maximum performance and useful life, the batteries must be connected in the way explained in the installation sheet below. Please read it carefully. The necessary linking cables will be supplied if you buy two or more batteries.

Recommended installation Method When Connecting Infinity Batteries In Parallel

Poweroad Infinity 100Ah lithium Battery Spec Sheet

Poweroad Infinity 100Ah Lithium Battery Manual

Manufacturer’s product code: PRLC-100 INFINITY
Nominal Voltage: 12V
Ah capacity: 100
Multiple Parallel Battery Connection: Up to 4 units in parallel or 4 in series
Battery case construction: ABS plastic
Battery type: LiFePO4
Dimensions (L x W x H) – mm: 330 x 175 x 195
Terminal type: 2 x M8 Threaded inserts
Max charging current – Amps: 100A
Max charging current – Volts: 14.4
Max continuous discharging current – Amps: 150A
Max short period discharging current – Amps: 350A (less than 5 secs)
Operating temperatures charging / discharging: 0 degrees C to + 45 degrees C
Over / under voltage protection: Discharge cut-off voltage 10V
Monitor / Display: Bluetooth enabled
Self-discharge rate: <3% per month
Expected Cycle Life @ 50% Depth of Discharge: 3-5,000
Warranty period – covers defects in design and manufacture: 6 years
Item in Kg: 10.5
weight: 10.500