Cytrac DX Vision (Twin LNB)

Cytrac DX Vision (Twin LNB)


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Cytrac DX Vision

Oysters brand new Cytrac DX is the latest system released that boasts cutting-edge technology in a compact design for incredible reception range. The compact design means that the Cytrac sits at only 14cm high when in the parked position.

The Cytrac is the equivalent to an 75cm dish although the Cytrac is much more efficient due to the 1016 interlinked single antennas arranged in a honeycomb pattern meaning signal strength will be stronger than a regular dish type satellite system. Please see image to the right for the Astra 2 footprint which shows the range you can receive English channels within Europe with the Cytrac system. The  RED ring is the footprint for FreeSat and the Yellow ring is the footprint for Sky which is considerably larger so if you are a sky subscriber you will be able to pick up sky channels further into Europe. (please see image to the right)

Special Features

  • Latest Antenna Technology For An Even Larger Reception Range
  • Small, Compact Antenna For Space-Saving Installation On The Vehicle Roof
  • Simple, Easy And Intuitive Operation
  • Fully Automatic Satellite Searching And Aiming In 30 To 60 Seconds
  • LEM Technology For Reduced Search Times (System Stores Last Elevation Angle)
  • Automatic Retraction At Vehicle Start
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship And Durable Materials
  • Solid, Reliable Design Using PC-ASA Plastic That Even Resists Hail
  • Support Arm For Additional Reinforcement Against Strong Winds


With the Cytrac being such a compact design it can be installed to almost any recreational vehicle, van or camper trailer. The 1016 interlinked single antennas arranged in a honeycomb pattern results in the Cytrac reception range being several hundred kilometres larger than that of an equally-sized flat-dish antenna. see picture below to see the antenna technology used in the Cytrac.

This is a Twin LNB system which allows you to feed two separate receivers or enable recording functionality (Sky+ for example).

Below are pictures of the Cytrac fitted to a Motorhome and a Narrow Boat, installed by our mobile installation engineers.

Additional information

Installation (excl. boats)

Special Offer: Free Installation At Our Location, With Installation (+£250.00), Without Installation


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